Horse Show  Results 2010              
    1st  2nd  3rd 
Ring 1              
Class 1  1-3 year olds to make riding horse   king of swing vikki pappin        
Class 2 1-3 yearHunter Type - in hand Quaint Irene Eileen jenkin        
Class 3 Coloured horse or pony show in hand Darcy the 3rd andrew pellow        
Class 4 Brood mare & Foal in hand Tequila & Sunrise Mrs U Thomas-Somers        
Championship Classes 1 - 4   Quaint Irene Eileen jenkin Reserve Tequila&sunrise mrs U Thomas Somers    
Class 5 Open Ridden piebald/skewbald Icons Image Emily Mahoney Smith        
Class 6 open Riding Horse Ilanarth liberator Hayley Mason        
Class 7 Small Hunter Chester Andrew tresise        
Class 8 Open Ridden Hunter Mele Mae tracey Collins        
Class 9 open Ridden Cob Cornish Star Gloria beckerleg        
Championship Classes 5 - 9   Chester andrew Tresise Reserve Trevarthstarburst Georgina Angwin    
Class 12 A  Best Agricultural Heavy horse open 1-3 year old Rosevean Evelyn Mr R White        
Class 11 Open Driving MonkswellBarthlomew& Markswell Lisa E kearney      
Class 12B Best Agricultural Heavy Horse Open Starlight Mr R Eddy        
Heavy  Horse Championship Classes 10 - 12   Starlight Mr R Eddy Reserve RoseveanEvelyn Mr R White    
Class 13 Open Show Pony No entries          
Class 14 Leading rein pony wynswood jonquil Millie Olds        
Class 15 Show Hunter Pony Bobby Olds Millie Olds        
Championship Classes 13 - 15   wynswood jonquil Millie Olds reserve Bobby Boy Millie Olds    
Class 16 Open Veteran Horse or PonyIn hand Just Ivens JohnFassenhalt        
Class 17 Open Veteran Horse or Pony Ridden Just cobb Charlotte Dennes        
Class 18 Best Grass Kept Mulfra Truffles Lucy Grant        
Class 19 Best Coloured pony Cornish Star Lisa Bennett        
Supreme Championship   Shulas Troy Gloria Beckerleg Reserve Chester andrew tresise    
Ring 2  BSJA             
Class 20 pony British Novice Discovery money Munchkin Paige Palk        
Class 21 pony Discovery Marmite 11 Kerry Seddon        
Class 22 Blue chip Pony Newcomers Bally Sid Joseph Vincent        
Class 23 Senior British Novice Mr Charlie Brown  Hariet Hales        
Class 24 Equissage Discovery for registered Horses Cornish Granite Joanne Benney        
Class 25  Tri Zone Newcomers for registered Horses Jacobee Charmaine James        
Class 26  Horse & Hound Foxhunter Close Up Juliet Shore        
Ring 3 Unaffiliated Jumping            
Class 27 10 Years & under Hazel SheaCornish        
Class 28 12 years & under Hazel SheaCornish        
Class 29 open pairs Hazel/ Billy SheaCornish & Tean Manser      
Class 30 Mini Arabian Night Gemma        
Class 31 Midi Abbey Charlie Griffin        
Class 32 Maxi Sam Katie Cane Johnson        
Class 33  Small open Northern Spirit Nicki Davies        
class 34 Open Sampson Warrior Sarah Picknett        
Ring 4              
Class 35  Tack & Turnout - Under 14 wynswood jonquil Millie Olds        
Class 36 Tack & turnout - 15 & Over Nanturrian Cue for Magic Sue knapman        
Class 37 Best Combination 12 & under Northcroft Thistle Charlotte Blewett Harris        
class 38 Best Combination 13 - 15 Becca Royal Girl Mark Cosgrove        
Class 39 Best Combination 16 & over Rialton Avenger Gemma Slaney        
Class 40 Best Pure bred Arab Blue Eclipse Becky Cheney        
Class 41 Best Anglo or Part bred Arab Fritheson applewood Rachel Martin Williams Rosewall Mr softee Heidi Chapman    
Class 42 Best Pure or part bred Arab - Ridden Becca Royal Girl Mark Cosgrove        
Arab Championship classes 40 - 42   Rosewall Mr Softee Heidi Chapman Fritheson Applewood Rachel Martin Williams    
Class 43  Best yearling Shetland - in Hand Tegan Brandy snap Mr W merrell        
Class 44 Best 2/3 year old Shetland - in hand Zennor Blue Huntsman Leah Warren        
Class 45 Best 4Year old and over shetland - in hand Monkswell Barthlonew Dawn Flynn        
Shetland pony Junior & Overall Championship   Tegan Brandy snap Mr W merrell Zennor BlueHuntsman Leah Warren    
Class 46 Best 4 Year mixed mountain & moorland -small breeds Barkla Royal harmony CM & KM Allen        
Class 47 Best 4 yearmixed mountain & moorland - Large breeds LowHouse bright Star Amy Jones        
Class 48 best 1 -3 yr old Mixed mountain & moorland - small breeds Blackertor Papillion Donna crichton        
Class 49 best 1 - 3 yr old Mixed mountain & moorland - Large breeds Brynmellion Delores Paul Jones        
Mountain & Moorland junior & Overall Championship  48 - 49 M&Mchampion  Lowhouse brightstar  Amy Jones Reserve - Barkla royal harmony - C &K Allen   Junior Champion -BrymellionDelores ion delores  Paul Jones    
Class 50 Ridden 4 Yrs & over - small breeds Dryfe Sheer sensation Charlotte Vincent        
Class 51 Ridden 4 yrs & Over - Large breeda Shulas Troy Gloria Beckerleg        
Class 52 mountain & moorland leid rein Polo Beulah Fulham        
mountain & Moorland Ridden Championship  50-52   Shulas Troy Gloria beckerleg Reserve Sassy  Charlotte Vincent    
Class 53  Unregistered or part bred mountain & moorland knock yer socks off David Curnow        
class 54 Best child Handler 10 & under Wortley Yasmin Kayleigh redford        
Class 55 best child handler 11 - 16 Masjeed Danielle Harris